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The Company history

Futuro Property Group – Property Sourcing & Investment Company in Scotland

If you really want something, nothing will stop you from achieving it.

We would like to tell you the story of the creation of the Futuro Property Group as it is today, because this brand has already undergone one transformation in its short – over 1.5 years history.

Initially, the Futuro Property Group, founded by Rafał Lenart and Agnieszka Mikołajczyk, mean to be a company that helps investors turn capital on flips (Buying, renovating, selling at a profit)

However, the story went a bit differently.

The Company history
Briefly about Rafał

Briefly about Rafał:

Rafał has been training football all his life. He played in the Stomil Olsztyn team with whom he won the bronze medal in the Polish junior championships. Unfortunately, injuries and operations caused him to finish his adventure with football. He decided not to give up on pursuing his goals and open his own business. After graduating, he came to Scotland to earn money to open the company. After returning to Poland, the time has come for implementation – the opening of the convenience store. Soon after, it turned out that the business didn’t bring the expected income and Rafał had to make up for the debts. He returned to Scotland and started working in the factory. After paying off all debts, he didn’t feel like starting from scratch, until he realized that properties could become a very good business, especially since he bought his first investment property in 2010. In 2017, Rafal began his adventure with courses, training, networking.



Briefly about Marek:

Marek was a Chef for 12 years of his life. His goal was to become an Executive Chef at the age of 30. The goal was achieved at the age of 25, previously working in the best restaurants in Poland. However, the work of 350 hours a month wore him out, and the prospect of money not calculated with labour input was not motivating. So he quit his job as a chef and flew to the UK to look for opportunities to start something new. One day he found out that his friend from the school had earned the first million in Sourcing. He thought – why should I not succeed in the properties? Since then, he has been thinking intensely what to do and how to start, not having his own money to enter this business and invest in the properties to achieve the “financial freedom” desired by many people.

The Company history

In July 2018, Marek, while browsing the internet, came across ASBiRO Investors, business and networking meetings in the UK. The first nearest meeting took place in Edinburgh (15 hours by bus from Exeter – Mark’s place of residence). He bought the ticket without hesitation and set off.
It turned out that Rafał was the host of this place in Edinburgh at that time. He organised meetings for enterprising Polonia in Scotland. After the meeting, the team went on networking, which may not have lasted long enough but enough for the guys to find a common language.

After returning to Exeter, Rafał and Marek stayed in touch. Each of them developed towards the properties as much as possible. Books, conferences, courses, training.
Marek decided to move to London thinking that since it’s the capital there are probably more possibilities. It soon turned out not to be true.

At that time, Rafał was building a vision of Futuro with his partner Agnieszka. There was one plan – to start with impetus and achieve success regardless of whether the conditions are favourable. Self-denial and commitment prevailed. He had to take matters into his own hands.

One day at one of ASBiRO’s meetings in Sheffield, Rafał suggested to Marek moving to Scotland instead of being in London. In the meantime, Marek planned to move to Manchester, but something tempted him to visit Glasgow. He moved to Scotland and continued his real property education.

In April 2019, Rafał offered Marek to join him by creating together the Futuro Property Group. Agnieszka was not able to run 2 companies at once. It became clear that from now on Rafał and Marek would be partners.

They decided to abandon the idea of ​​flipping and set off to conquer Glasgow by offering the highest quality Sourcing service. The boys’ goal was to create a unique company. The one that will cooperate with investors in the long term by creating investment cash for them, offering comprehensive services from A to Z.



Futuro Property

Today, Futuro Property Group helps over 15 Investors, basing its activities on long-term relations and expanding the Buy To Let property portfolio, but also offering to find residential, flip, or commercial properties.
Currently, we have transferred properties for over £1.2M pounds and we have saved our investors well over 150K pounds thanks to appropriate negotiations and contacts.

We are the first Polish Sourcing company in Scotland and the only one that offers such a business model. Most Sourcers operate on a basis – deal first and then look for an investor.
In June 2020, two sourcers joined the team: Michał Wołyniec and Sławek Kwietniewski, thanks to whom we operate on an even larger scale and we are able to help a larger number of investors at the highest level.

Of course, we have not said the last word yet, we are constantly developing and new challenges are ahead of us, and our main goal "Property Developer" is already on the horizon ...