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Location description – Glasgow

Glasgow rental properties have some of the best returns in the UK with an average of 6.9% due to a large number of 21-35-year-olds (28.5% of the total population). As of June 2016, property prices in the Scottish city have been increasing by 0.7% per month, which, if continued, would mean that prices would be average of £ 285,487 by 2027.

2020/21 is the perfect time to invest in the properties in Glasgow. Property prices are still low enough so they have the ability to achieve good capital growth if an investor wants to sell a property at a profit in the future. 

Glasgow can offer you an excellent return on investment. It offers a rare mix of a target market, a thriving student community and great popularity. Many students after graduation choose to stay in the city and are actively looking for accommodation to rent.

Over 60% of the households in the city are single people; another promising factor for those looking to invest in rental properties.


Property prices in Glasgow are among the top three fastest growing in the UK
Buyers' demand quickly exceeds supply.
Better affordability.
Scotland's largest city can boast a high price and rising rents.

Glasgow is a city that is a synonymous of higher education. There is no area outside London in the UK with more universities than Glasgow. It has six established institutions, including the University of Glasgow, a member of the elite Russell Group universities and the fourth oldest in the English-speaking world.

It is an ideal place to invest capital in a BTL strategy.

Glasgow is a powerhouse of the Scottish economy – the cultural, sporting and academic heart of Scotland and one of the Europe’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities.

Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city in terms of foreign direct investment and has been named as one of the top ten European cities of the future. Launched in 2016, Glasgow’s current economic strategy aims to make the city the most productive large urban economy in the UK by 2023. In addition, the strategy has set an ambitious new target of 50,000 jobs by 2023.